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Process And Quality Control

01. Cutting

Constant temperature and humidity foil cutting room, professional dust removal equipment;

Professionally customized semi-finished storage cabinets and transfer cabinets, dust-proof and moisture-proof, effectively preventing bumps;

High-definition microscope, burr detection, precision 1μm, 100% burr detection of each roll of aluminum foil.




02. Winding

The latest generation of automatic nail roll machine, automatic control of riveting roll pressure, automatic control of foil guide alignment;

New intelligent equipment, automatic deviation correction, automatic foil running stop, greatly improving the yield and production efficiency;

Perfect process inspection and control means.




03. Laser riveting

Fully automatic rotary riveting laser spot welding machine, stable, reliable and efficient;

Advanced laser spot welding vision system, real-time monitoring of riveting welding effect;

Riveting and welding, double insurance, and complete production on one machine, greatly improve production efficiency.




04. Dipping

Fully automatic high pressure impregnation machine, safe, reliable and hygienic;

The unique impregnation process can be programmed to automatically control vacuum, pressure, temperature and time, and the impregnation time can be saved by 50%;

Advanced electronic hoisting system ensures contactless operation.




05. Assembly

The latest generation of punching, riveting, sealing and casing four-in-one automatic conjoined line, stable and efficient;

Polarity image recognition system, 100% eliminate reverse polarity;

Fully automatic intelligent equipment to ensure product consistency.




06. Aging

The latest generation of automatic aging machine, new intelligent aging system, monitoring and recording of aging data in the whole process;

A single capacitor in the box is automatically controlled, and the aging voltage, current, boost time and temperature of each product are monitored in real time;

Fully automatic intelligent defect control system, which can timely eliminate voltage, current and implosion defects one by one




07. Test

Fully automatic testing machine and implosion testing system; 100% sorting capacity, loss, leakage, screening abnormal products in advance;

Advanced visual monitoring system to detect and record all test data in real time;

Simulate customer application environment to automatically implode to further ensure product reliability.




08. Packing

100% appearance inspection;

Customized hole position pearl cotton, all-round product protection.




09. IQC incoming inspection process

Perfect IQC testing equipment

Each roll of aluminum foil, electrolyte 100%

To ensure stable supply of all materials and consistent quality.


Process And Quality Control Process And Quality Control Process And Quality Control Process And Quality Control

● All important raw materials are purchased from listed companies

● 100%inspection of materials

● Each batch of samples is inspected and recorded

● Advanced inspection equipment

● Detect the change rate of parameters before and after boiling to verify the stability of aluminum foil ● Detection and analysis of electrolyte conductivity
Process And Quality Control Process And Quality Control Process And Quality Control Process And Quality Control
● Screen raw materials for harmful substances ● Burr inspection of each roll of aluminum foil ● Ensure the process and products are stable and qualified ● Ensure the quality of warehousing andshipment, and improve customer satisfaction
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