Policy To Support Our Clients, Agencies, Distributors.

Our Policy To Clients:

1. OEM Service, We offer OEM service for our customer.OEM minimum order quantity should be more than 20,000 USD amount.

2. We offer ODM service for our clients including smaller size, low ESR, higher working voltage, longer lifetime, and so on.

3. To be our exclusive agency, we will sign an agreement with you. About different levels of exclusive agency, we have different agreements.

4. Quality promise, we use the corresponding material for your order, under the price we had been agreed with, No any jerry-building behavior.

5. Delivery Date Policy, all the orders should be finished within 15 days from the day we get your advanced payment, unless force majeure factor.

6. Fair to all clients and agency, we appreciate being given orders from every customer. No matter how much of the order amount, you will get the same nice service attitude.

7. After-sale policy, Normally we do not allow any quality problem product to be sent to our customer. But if you find the true quality problem, we will compensate for any quantity defective product including the shipping cost.

Our Support To Agency:

1. Delivery first, order from our brand‘s agency, distributors, dealers will be delivered first.

2. Commission, There will be an Agency Agreement must be signed between us. We shall pay to our agency_____% commission on the basis of the aggregate amount of the invoice value already paid by Party B of the shipments effected.

3. Train and Technology support, if you need, we will help to train you some capacitor knowledge or support you technology of capacitors.


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