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Factors affecting the life of the snap in capacitor

Aug. 22, 2022

The snap in capacitor is a horn-shaped electrolytic capacitor. The use of such capacitors has a wide range of applications in the industry. Many household appliances, instruments, and electronic products have their use. Pay attention to the service life of horn capacitors.

First, the snap in capacitor heat dissipation problem

1. No cooling fan is installed under the horn capacitor sealing environment

2, the cooling fan failure is not repaired and replaced in time

3. The spacing between multiple capacitors is too small during installation

4. Installed with other heating elements

Second, the snap in capacitor is improperly installed

1. The temperature is too high during welding

2. Drop, collision, etc. during turnaround

3. the polarity is reversed

4. the welding is not reliable

Third, the impact of procurement selection on the life of the snap in capacitor.

There are a lot of purchases that don't know about electrolytic capacitors. I don't know which parameters are needed when I choose. From the customer data statistics we received online, more than 20% of the purchases only know the two parameters of voltage and capacity.

And we all know that when choosing the type, we need to pay attention to the temperature and life of the capacitor. At present, there are mainly 85 degrees and 105 degrees of temperature for us to choose from. It is said that the 125 degree electrolytic capacitor has also been successfully developed. The life span is mainly divided into 2000 hours, 3000 hours, 5000 hours, and the like.

Combined with the pressure, current, ambient temperature and required service life required for our equipment, we can choose the capacitor that is suitable for our equipment. One of the choices is not enough to shorten the life of the horn capacitor or even explode.


Factors affecting the life of the snap in capacitor

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