Dear customers

You probably heard from the news already about latest development of the new type virus (SARI) from Wuhan. The whole country is fighting this battle and as an individual business we also take all necessary measurement to reduce our impact to minimal.

2 things I would like to communicate with you:
We do extra on sterilizing. Although it is known that virus couldn’t likely survive in the manufacturing and transportation process, we do understand the public concern from a perception prospective.


Until now, 80% college are back to work now, and we did a lot work to prevent the virus. We give every college two masks each day, we take one’s temperature twice a day, we sterilize twice a day.

By the end of February, in China, the infection rate is persistent decline, as well as the death rate, on the contrary, the cure rate is persistent rise.

And the expert said, the virus should be vanished very soon, everything is running as usual, the business goes as usual.

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